Zombie Time

A zombie

A zombie

I looked around me, more than a little confused. I didn’t understand at all what was happening to the world. I’d woken up as normal that morning, but that really didn’t last for long. Some sort of plague or virus or something seemed to have taken over. Pretty soon everything descended into chaos, but I didn’t really know what was going on. No one knew.

From what I had seen this thing - whatever it was - turned people into something else. They were faster. Stronger. Blood thirsty. They came for the group I was with and slaughtered us. Bloodily.

A few of us managed to get away by shuffling into the shadows and avoiding their notice. We watched them butcher our group, beheading every last one that they felled.

I tried to ask one of my companions what we should do but couldn’t seem to get my mouth to work. I figured the shock had some serious consequences on my vocal abilities.

We had banded together in the chaos, this group I had joined. I hadn’t met any of them before today. At least, I didn’t think I had. All the blood and the horror must have affected my memory too because I couldn’t remember anything before today. But still, none of them seemed familiar.

I remembered waking up this morning and stumbling to look out of my front window, confused by the cacophony of noise which bombarded me. People were running around outside and it was clear something had gone horribly wrong. These people were fighting each other, but it was the ones with the speed advantage which were winning. The normal ones, people like me, stood little chance against their superior ability.

Once it had quieted down a little bit and there was less chaos I ventured outside, shuffling slowly. Trying to make as little noise as possible, trying to avoid attracting any more of whatever they were. The bodies around me awoke strange feelings in me. I’d never seen a dead body before.

I carried on down my street, trying to stay alert to threat but a little shell-shocked by what I had already witnessed this day. I didn’t think it was going to get any better, and looked for a weapon to arm myself with but couldn’t see anything in my immediate vicinity which looked like it would work.

I turned a corner and saw people. I froze for a moment before recognizing their shuffling gait. They were as stunned by what they saw as I was. All of them had a slightly glazed look to their eyes, and some of them even had mouths hanging slightly agape. I thought I probably looked similar. I lived in a nice area of town and had never experienced anything like this before. I didn’t know how to react, let alone begin to process what I was seeing.

Silently, I joined their walk through the street. By some silent general consensus, we seemed to be heading towards a more built up area. The police seemed like a good option at this point. We had only made it about 30 minutes before our group had been jumped by more of these things. Our numbers had swelled to about 15, but now there were only three of us left.

They were so fast, running about and attacking us. I didn’t know what it was that had happened to them to make them act like this. To make them hate us with such passion that this senseless killing was the only option. They screamed when one of ours brought one of them down, but we were silent, not wanting to draw more to the area. My eyes flitted over the battle scene, unable to stay on anything for too long. I was afraid.

Our attackers finally moved on. We stayed where we were for a few minutes before creeping back into the openness of the street we had been traveling down.

The smell of the bodies was beginning to get to me. Our group had managed to take a few of the no-longer-humans down, and their bodies were strewn amongst our own. I shuffled towards the closest and looked at them, ignoring all the feelings that the sight of the flesh ripped open caused in me.

They looked like us, like normal people. I couldn’t see any physical differences other than those inflicted from the fight. There were teeth marks covering the corpse. We had been reduced to fighting literally tooth and nail for our lives.

My brain was working more sluggishly now than it had been just an hour ago when I left home. I looked up and down the street we were stood on and couldn’t remember which direction we’d come from. Some instinct or half memory or something prompted me to turn left. Strangely enough, my remaining companions reached the same decision at the exact same moment and we continued our slow shuffle down the road.

Some time later I came to myself again. There was something running down my face. In raising my hand to wipe it off I noticed there was blood all over my hands, around my nails. I looked down and saw blood all down my front, saw it drip onto the ground from my nose. Something must have happened whilst I was out of it. I didn’t know what but I was just glad I had survived whatever - or whoever - it was, for it seemed clear that I had to defend myself against these things.

Choosing to ignore the body right in front of me for the sake of my sanity, I turned and saw my two companions not too far away. They were similarly blood spattered, with a deadened look to their eyes. They didn’t seem to be reacting to the situation any better than I was, but some small part of me was happy that I wasn’t alone in this mess.

We carried on our shuffling walk in the same direction, again without agreement or talking. I didn’t recognise any of the buildings around us. This is probably because of my memory being funny right now.

I heard a noise and slowly swung my head towards it. It must be later than I thought because my vision was a little blurry, like it was going dark and my eyes weren’t adjusting. I saw a little girl sitting in a car. She hugged a blue bear to her chest. She couldn’t have been more than seven or eight.

Something made me move towards her. I tried to shout that it was ok, that we wouldn’t hurt her. My mouth still wasn’t working and all that came out was a low moan. This must have scared her. She screamed, shuffled across the car. Opened the door, ran away. I tried to chase her. I wanted her. I couldn’t get above a shuffling run and soon lost sight of her.

Seconds later I came to again and realized it was morning. The light hurt my eyes. I shuffled back into the shadow of the building that we had been stood by. There are more of us. Five. I don’t remember when.

There is a shout. People. Not-people. Running towards us. Too fast. Too fast for me to think. They are right by us. Want them. I stumble forward, hands questing, mouth chomping. Light hurts.

"Anyone know what the hell these things are yet!" Shouted a teenage kid we’d just found huddled in an alleyway. He’d been petrified by he sound of our approach, but being able to talk to him meant we’d been able to assure him we weren’t one of them.

Sid chuckled. "Kid, you never see any horror films or something?" He asked, almost incredulous.
"It’s Nick," the kid replied. "And no," he continued, "I haven’t."
"They’re zombies, kid," Sid replied with a sigh. "What, you been living in a dungeon? Seemed pretty obvious to me."

"But?" Nick started before trailing off. "But?" He tried again with no improvement. I shook my hair out of a ponytail before restraining it out of my face once again. "Look, whatever they are, they’re not nice." I reloaded my shotgun. "We’ve got these five out-of-the-way. That’s five less to deal with whatever they are and wherever they’ve come from. Now let’s move!" I herded my little group down the road ahead of me, letting Sid take the lead. We moved at a jog, a pace beyond that of the zombies, off hunting for safety in this newly crazy world

I hesitated to publish this because it was virtually flawless, and yet no one took credit for writing it. I must conclude that it is a copy. If someone can find the original, and prove to me that this is a copy (url please), then let me know.

Phil G

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