Your (Un)Average Sweet Younger Brother?

by Lily

Not everybody likes his or her younger brothers and sisters that much, especially me. I have a younger one called Peter, and boy is he annoying! He just walks into my room whenever he feels like it! He plays his unoriginal pranks on me whenever he feel likes it! He just pushes open the door and walks in, without even asking my permission! And that's what he's doing right now, which in my opinion is breaking and entering. What a little brat! No offense to the other little brothers called Jack. I bet they're much nicer.

He gave me a annoying innocent looking smile when he started flicking on and off the lights in my bedroom. But I pretended not to notice as I read my book, wishing he'd go away. But I didn't do it. It would make him worse. "Your friend is here Peter, come down here now!" my mother shouted as loud as she could. My house is three stories high, I fervently agree with her for having to yell, for you don't know how high up in the house your son and daughter is. Yes! I then thought ecstatically. Since it's his friend, it might mean that he's leaving! It also meant I could get my privacy now.

"Mum, chill," my brother said under his breath as he left the bedroom. Don't be so loud, was what he meant. I glared at his back. What a rude, annoying little boy! I sighed in relief. I had peace at last. He had gone. But ten minutes later, Peter bounced back in again. "Guess what Lily?" he said excitedly. "My friend Gavin is staying over. Can we play in your room as usual?"

My mouth hanged open as I saw another boy standing beside him, with a shy smile. "Well, at least play in your room, not mine," I snapped irritably. I had been patient for too long. Now it was time to show my vengeance.

"I just want peace and quiet." I added with a pointed look at him. The boy looked hurt for a moment but shrugged his shoulders and left with Gavin. I lay back comfortably in my sheets, enjoying the relaxation, gradually falling asleep.

Aaaaahh! I woke up in alarm and saw two snickering little boys standing over me, with a bucket in their hands. It was empty. I glared at them. "Didn't I tell you to leave me alone?" I said to them feeling even more annoyed than ever.

Peter shrugged. "Told you she doesn't like me. And having a joke on her didn't work," he whispered to Gavin.

"I heard that," I shouted. "Now get out!"
"Dad," wailed Peter. My father came into the room, and when he saw the boys his expression was stern. "Boys, I would prefer that you would not disturb my daughter," he said, giving me a small smile. Peter looked surprised. "But she always lets me play in her room! Why is she different today? I thought she hated me!"

"She isn't feeling well," my father explained gently. Well, duh. Peter could've got it by now. Now the water made me sicker. Great. I gritted my teeth. See you later, you little pest, now or later!

"Hope you get better," my brother said earnestly. I suddenly felt better, even though I was drenched with water. "Thank you," I whispered, not feeling annoyed anymore. I was surprised at myself. How could I do this? I was a self-hater to my younger brother as a qualified teenager I couldn't help be angry and annoyed with him when I was sick, but when love crept in it kept my temperature down. I lay back on my pillow, under my sheets and under my blankets. Now I could really go back to sleep!

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