You can't get out

by angelica

One dark, windy night, the town drunk was meandering his way home after the bar closed. Somehow he got turned around and ended up walking through the churchyard instead of taking the road home.

The wind picked up and he thought he could hear a voice calling his name. Suddenly, the ground opened up in front of him, and he fell down, down into an open grave! He could hear the voice clearer now, calling to him. He knew it was the devil, coming for him just like the preacher said, on account of him being the town drunk.

The hole was very deep and inside it was pitch black. His eyes adjusted to the darkness after a few moments, and he made out a form sitting in the darkness with him. It called his name, and he scrambled away in fear, trying to climb out of that terrible grave. Then the figure spoke. "You can't get out," it said.

The drunk gave a shout of pure terror and leapt straight up more than six feet. He caught the edge of the hole in his hands, scrambled out, and ran for home as fast as he could go.

Inside the open grave, his neighbor Charlie sighed in resignation. He'd fallen into the hole a few hours ago.

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Oct 04, 2009
loved it!
by: Anonymous

i loved it! it should be rated higher!

Nov 10, 2007
good job
by: mallori

i think its a good story well keep writing stories

Oct 29, 2007
Why was Charlie in there?
by: PB&Mayo

I think that the whole point of putting Charlie in there was useless. Charlie should have been a buddy that the other drunk got drunk with. Why was his neighbor in there too? It just doesn't make sense!

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