Wrong Number

by Lynn Scott

It was once again Kate's birthday. She invited three girls to her party. Reece, Jackalyn, and Rebecca. They all could come. Kate began planning and plotting for what they shall do. "If I get a cellphone, I'll make prank calls." Kate thought aloud. "If I get a texting device, I'll make prank texts. " She thought aloud again. Ding, dong! "I'll get it!" Kate yelled.

"Hi Reece, Jackalyn, and Rebecca! Come in! Set your presents for me down!" Kate said happily. "Happy birthday, honey!" Kate's mother walked in the doorway and handed Kate two more presents. Kate opened Jackalyn's present first. "A phone!" Kate exclaimed. She opened Rebecca's next. "A texting device!" She happily cried. She opened Reece's present after Rebecca's. "An iPod Touch!" Kate screamed.

She opened the presents her mother brought in. "New clothes and a kitten!!!!!" Kate shrieked happily. She grabbed her iPod Touch. Reece, Rebecca, and Jackalyn, you will help me. Reece, get my phone. Rebecca get my texting device. Jackalyn, you'll help me text on my iPod Touch. You can also help me make calls. Now let's go!" Kate said. The girls grabbed the stuff. The kitten followed and took a turn towards Kate's mother.

The girls ran upstairs and began doing their stuff. They all called and texted the same number. "The area code is 773. The punch the numbers 900-8768." Kate instructed as she put in the numbers to call. "Hello? You've got a wrong number." The person on the other line rasped. No. We have the right number." The girls said and texted at the same time. "Listen. I know where you live, so back off." The voice rasped. The girls broke out in cold sweat sand reluctantly agreed. They hung up.

"AH!" Kate's mother screamed. The girls have been scalped and killed. Kate's mother looked at Kate. On Kate forehead, a message was written in blood. It said: WRONG NUMBER!

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Apr 08, 2010
by: Anonymous

This story makes no sense...Duh! waste of time.

Mar 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

Isn't a phone a texting device? sorry I didn't really think it was scary

Mar 05, 2010
by: Ceecee

773 huh?
cool story.

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