Wound up Sister

by Catherine Pahljina
(Melbourne, Australia)

There were once two sisters called Mary and Carly. There was only one difference between the two of them; Carly was terrified of the dark.

They slept in the attic of their old Victorian house. There was only one window that was on one half of the attic and it let some light in. The other half was left pitch black.

Since Mary was the oldest, she got to choose which side of the attic she slept on. She chose the window side, not because of the light (Mary was fearless), but because she knew Carly didn’t like the dark. She smiled every night before they went to sleep and whispered in Carly’s ear “Goodnight, don’t let the monster Bedbug bite!” Carly knew Mary was just trying to wind her up but it was terrifying all the same.

Every night Carly would lie quivering for hours before she went to sleep. She didn’t like being a tell tale and telling on Mary for being so mean, so she just had to live with the fear.

A year later, Mary was getting the impression that Carly was no longer so stupid of thinking there actually was a monster Bedbug. She had loved trying to squash all the courage out of Carly but now Carly was growing up a bit more. So Mary decided to have a little fun with Carly that night.

Before she went to bed that night, Mary made sure Carly was a little intimidated, that way she’d be easier to scare. “Oh, by the way Carly, I was actually serious about the monster Bedbug!” Mary hissed before she climbed into bed.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” said Carly, but Mary saw she was shaking a little.

About an hour after Carly had gone to sleep, Mary tiptoed over to her bed. Carly was a light sleeper, Mary knew, so she would wake up easier.
Mary plucked up the courage and gave a humongous roar. Carly had a heart attack and died.

Years later, Mary still felt incredibly guilty. What had she done? She had missed growing up with her only sister. She felt like a piece was missing from her her whole life. Just then, a spirit came out of nowhere and said to Mary “You thought it fun, you thought it amusing. Now look what you have done!”

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