Why you shouldn't answer the phone

by Jose
(Atlantic City, New jersey )

OKay so my name is Heather Williams and my phone bill is alot. Anyway, heres a day I wish I didn't have a cellphone it starts with conservation with my boyfriend Jack lance.

"Jack, you know I got plans on friday to go to mall with my friends I can't go the movies with you".

"Heather, sometimes you got to have time for me. I can't always change my plans to spend with you time after time.....". that when stuff went bad I called him again and again and so I gave up. The phone rang, I picked it up and it went from bad to worse.


"Hello, Heather how you doing? I hope your all right and your comfortable in your bed talking to your boyfriend oh wait your line went dead hahaha".

"Who is this, how do you know my name or what I'm doing"?

"I didn't let you know I'm in the house you might aswell try to find me". I got scared and ran out of my room and then there he was standing with a chainsaw. I walked back to my room closing the door.

He turned on the chainsaw and sawed my door to find a way in. Once he got inside he checked under my bed and then my closet. I wasn't in any of those places, in fact I was behind my mirror which was big enough to hide me and jack. I tackeld him sending him and me through the window. I was okay and when i looked at him i saw when he fell he fell into the chainsaw.

"Well aleats its finally over i don't got to deal with him anymore". I turned back for the house he then woke up and killed me. Years passed by and my brother, Mike was on the phone talking to his friend and then the live went dead.
"Hello, Mike I hope you know who I am"?
"NO, who are you"?
"I'm your sister I can't believe my parnts didn't tell you, if you want to see me just look in your closet".
He went to go check and there was my body dead and bloody. Mike let out a scream and turned back to see the man with the chainsaw

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