Why It's OK To Be Scared Of The Dark...

by Kat

One stormy night in October, a girl named Jenny was having a sleepover. She had invited three people: Ashley, Katelyn, and Crystal. She hadn't wanted to invite Crystal because she always had to sleep with the light on and it bothered Jenny to where she couldn't sleep. The girls were getting bored so Jenny announced that they should play a game.

"What do you guys want to play?" Jenny asked her friends.

"OOH! How about truth or dare?" Ashley suggested.
"Or we could play Would you Rather." Katelyn said.
"Why don't we just play something easy, like chutes and ladders?" Crystal whined. The other girls groaned.

"That's a baby game." Complained Ashley. "Girls calm down, I say we vote. We'll vote on Would you Rather and Truth or Dare. All in favor of Truth or Dare raise your hands." Jenny instructed. No one raised their hands. Ashley had changed her mind. "Okay, all in favor of Would you Rather?" Everyone except Crystal raised their hands.

"It's decided then. We'll play Would you Rather." Jenny started the game by asking Ashley if she would rather kiss Mario Lopez or John Travolta. Ashley thought about it then answered Mario Lopez.

Then it was Ashley's turn to ask somebody. She turned to Crystal and said, "Would you rather sleep in the dark for a week or wear your pajamas to school?" Crystal mumbled an answer but the others didn't hear her. She said it a little louder and no one could believe her answer! She said she'd rather wear her pajamas to school! Everyone started laughing at her and calling her a baby. Crystal ran downstairs crying. The other girls slammed the door shut and waited until Crystal was asleep.

The girls quietly crept downstairs and slowly picked up Crystal off of the couch. Then they took her down into the basement and threw her on some cushions hard enough to wake her. When she opened her eyes the girls ran upstairs, turning the light off and closing the door behind them. They giggled as they heard Crystal start shouting at them to turn the light back on. They heard her start to cry again. They waited awhile until they thought she had had enough. Just as they were about to open the door they heard an ear-shattering scream. They threw open the door and turned the light on just in time to see something crawl out of the basement window.

Then they turned their gazes to the mutilated body at the base of the stairs. The girls screamed and ran to call Jenny's mom. She said she'd be home in thirty minutes and to lock and bolt the doors and windows. The girls huddled up on the living room floor on some sleeping bags and rocked back and forth. Soon Ashley had to go to the bathroom so she got up and left. She was gone for about five minutes when the other girls heard her scream at the top of her lungs. The other girls ran up the stairs and saw her neck cut open on the floor of the bathroom.

They ran back downstairs but Katelyn fell down the stairs. Jenny slowly descended and called out "Katelyn?" but silence was her answer she started to go back upstairs when she heard Katelyn call her name. She turned around and saw Katelyn trying to pull herself up the stairs because her legs had been cut off. As Jenny ran away up the stairs she heard Katelyn's death cry. Jenny quickly ran into her room and slammed the door. She turned out the light and tried to go to sleep. About ten minutes later, her light abruptly turned on. She covered her eyes and looked to see who had turned it on. She was staring straight into the face of Crystal, back from the dead.

Jenny's scream was heard for miles as Crystal plunged a knife into her heart. Before Crystal shut the light back off she said, "Remember to keep your lights on!" (click)

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