Who was it?

by Saad H.
(Rawalpind, Pakistan)

Who was it?

Who was it?

He woke up in the middle of the night to find himself in total darkness. He didn't know why he woke up. He looked at his clock radio. 3:00 AM it said. He was a little scared, so he lifted the covers up a little more. There was no light except from the clock radio. He tried to sleep, but he had to go to the bathroom.

He was so scared in the pitch dark. But he lifted up his courage and got up slowly. He thought for himself, ghosts don't exist. He had gone to the bathroom often, so he knew the way, even in the pitch dark. He stepped forward. When he got to the bathroom he turned on the light and opened the door. He sat in there for half an hour; he had a weird feeling for going out.

When he finished, he sat up and stepped to the sink. He washed his hands, and was ready to open the door and stopped when he heard his bedroom door opening. A shiver ran down his spine. He was so scared. Shaking, he looked from the keyhole. A little light from the door let him see a figure walking. He heard moaning sounds. And suddenly, the figure fell over.

This is it, he said. He sat on the bathroom floor and went into an uneasy sleep. He woke up at six am. He could see the time from the bathroom clock. Shining light was coming from the bathroom window. He opened the door and stepped outside. He tiptoed to the other side of the room. When he reached there, a horrible sight was waiting for him.

Lying in a pool of blood, a corpse of his neighbor was there. The man was stabbed to death, by his kitchen knife which was in his chest and his throat was cut in half. Blood was oozing from his body. He called the police. They arrived in less than ten minutes. They investigated the case; the blood split was coming from the lounge couch, up the stairs and in his room. They did not have any clue of what happened.

The man was really scared. He didn't want any more murders in the house. The police calmed him down and said we will take the body and investigate it, soon we will tell you who the murderer is. But still, he did not calm down. He passed a bad day just thinking about the murder. The night was worse. He was scared so he turned on the lamp before going to sleep.

He woke up again, only to find darkness. It was 3:29 AM. He felt a chilling sensation. Why was it dark, even when he turned on the lamp? He knew the murderer has gotten in, and this time he would kill him. He was thinking about that when it was 3:30 AM, the door opened wide. He got the covers up his face. Like little kids, he peeked out from the covers. The same thing happened; a man walked in and fell over, just like before. He tried to sleep, and when he got up it was the same time. The corpse was there, again of his neighbor, and the same knife. The police told him that the murderer lived nearby, because he just killed the neighbors. But why in his house? This was the only question. The police said they will do something. This time he told them that the lamp turned off on its own. They said that it would be some electric problem or something, but he knew it was not. He even called an electrician, but everything was fine.

The third night the same thing happened. He thought it was enough. He told the police that he will take care of the case. He did the setting before sleeping. He set cameras in some places. This is the setting he did: Camera 1; he placed it on the front door, Camera 2; he placed it on the back door, Camera 3; he placed in the lounge, Camera 4; he placed it in the kitchen, Camera 5; he placed on the stairs and Camera 6; he placed it in his room. He slept a little relaxed and a little scared. He didn't wake up this time at the middle of the night. He woke up in the morning curiously. He just wanted to see the tape.

Another corpse fell on the floor. He ignored it and washed the blood and buried the body in the local cemetery. When he came home, he took a bowl of cereal and sat back, relaxed and turned on the tape. There was nothing so he fast forwarded it. The shocking thing he saw haunted him forever. He was even sent to a hospital.

This is what he saw:

Camera 1: 2:30 AM, a dark figure opened the front door and went out. Camera 2: 2:45 AM, The same dark figure, holding a body entered from the back door. Camera 3: 2:50 AM, the dark figure entered the lounge and put the body on the couch and tied his hands up. Camera 4: 2:55 AM, the dark figure entered the kitchen and took the knife. Camera 3: 2:56 AM, the dark figure came and cut the man's throat in half, stabbed him so many times until he was dead. Camera 5: 2:58 AM, the dark figure went up the stairs. Camera 6: 2:59 AM, it entered the room and went to the bathroom to wash its blood soaked hands. It came out, turned the lamp off and went to bed at 3:00 AM. And like this the body came into the room, shown in the cameras. The body would wake up from the dead just for a clue that it has been murdered. And the dark figure was none other than the man himself.

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