Where there is a will there is a way

by Vaman
(Bangalore, India)

Little girl Arati was perfectly alright till yesterday. But there was a sudden change in her speech since morning. She had developed stammering. It was brought to the notice of her mom and dad.

"What happened to you my dear Arati? Why are you speaking with stammering?" Mom asked. She was unable to give a reply. "We are very much worried to see your change in the speech." Dad asked her.
She was unable to give reply to her dad.

Most of the known residents of the neighborhood wanted to know about the sudden change of speech with her. Some of her friends came to see her. She had undergone medical treatment with a specialist doctor. After all the tests were over, the doctor gave his report. Every thing was normal in her condition of health. The doctor had clearly reported that since the defect did not exist at the time of the birth and occurred very recently, the stammering will go automatically after some time and advised to continue treatment.

She was not only brilliant in school but clever in dealing with the household activities. Her classmate Maya was happy because she would take her place as a topper in the school. The school had decided to enact a drama on the occasion annual day of the school. Arati was asked to take up a prominent role as a challenge. She refused the offer due to her stammering. But all persuaded her to accept the role. Ultimately, she agreed to act in the drama.

Rehearsal was in full swing. Arati's role was not only prominent in the drama but involved tremendous talent. She had to memorize by heart some Sanskrit dialogs.

It was a well known fact that the words of Sanskrit language cannot be pronounced easily. To pronounce them correctly, it requires thorough practice. Initially she felt they were very difficult to pronounce, but her determination and firm conviction had resulted in success. In the process, she pronounced all the dialogs correctly, regained her correct speech and became normal girl. This was good news not only to her parents but also to all of her friends and teachers. She began stammering, because she wanted to know how a person spoke with stammering. Children at this age do not know the repercussions.

"Where there is a will there is a way" appropriately applies to Arati.

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