When the log rolls over... we die!

by Kelsey Post

One day there was a boy. A boy home alone. He was just about to go to bed when he heard a spooky song, "When the log rolls over... we die!"

It was coming from his parent's room. The boy went to check it out and the song stopped as he entered. Suddenly the song started again. This time it was coming from his brother's room. The song started to get louder and louder, "When the log rolls over... we die!"

Again the boy went to go check it out but as he entered the room, it stopped. Then the song started again. It was coming from the bathroom, "When the log rolls over... we die!"

This time the song didn't stop, it only got louder and louder. The boy got curious and wanted to find out what the song was coming from. As he opened the toilet lid, it was incredibly loud!

He saw 5 little ants floating on a piece of poop! As they started to sing again, "When the log rolls over, WE DIE!!" he chuckled and flushed the toilet. As the ants went down, they sang "Na, na, na, na, hey, hey, hey, goood bye!!!" He laughed and went back to bed.

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