When the green light goes off.

by Kelly

It was a very windy day, it was cold too. Everyone in the neighbourhood was inside. Maddie was sitting inside and watching the wind. She was with her baby sister who was scared that there was going to be a tornado. Her sister was so scared that they had to step away from the window, so they went into Maddie's room.

All of the sudden there were taps at the window. Maddie's sister was now curled up in Maddie's arms. Now the wind was going crazy. A tree was picked up and thrown into the road. There was a big crash. They heard slams and bangs and all kinds of stuff. Then everything was quiet.

Then the green light that was always on in Maddie's room went out. Then something grabbed Maddies neck. Maddie could not get free. She was trying to sceam but nothing came out. Maddie's sister saw Maddie getting hurt but she did not see what was coming after her.

Maddie' sister ran down stairs. She told her mom what had happened as they both ran up stairs . By the time they got to Maddie's room Maddie was gone. No one had never saw Maddie again.

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May 14, 2010
by: Anonymous

This story dosen't make sense. "A tree was picked up and thrown into the road". You wouldn't normally see that happening. And plus try to make your stories a bit more scary...

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