When I was Young

by Savanah

When I was young, I climbed a tree and wouldn't come down. I was at my grandparent's house and the tree was my tree. It had my name engraved into it. The tree I climbed had very many limbs and was very tall.

When I climbed the tree, my grandparents were there. We had been driving around on the golf cart and we had put a seat in the tree the day before, and so we wanted to test it out. The best part about the tree was that it hovered over the lake in my grandparents. So you could see the neighbor's dog barking at you.

I could not wait to climb that tree and feel like I am the king of the world. Well the princess. Anyways, the view was great. The breeze hitting my face. I thought I was the ruler of everything. But I don’t think my Papa was happy!

My grandpa begged for me to come down. In fact, he even brought out my favorite dessert that Nana baked early that morning. Nope it didn't work. Well I guess it was about an hour later that those brownies sounded good then. So I snuck out of the tree. I got caught, of course, but still thought I was the "princess'' of everything.

This story took place when I was about seven. Of course a seven year old had no brains then and didn't no right from wrong, yet.

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