What's Your Answer?

by Ellie

The residents of Spageni Lane were used to it by now. It was almost a 'been there done that got the tee-shirt' kind of thing. It happened every 13 months, and of course, like every good horror story, it would happen at midnight on the 13th day of the 3rd month.

On this day, one resident would be knocked out then taken to a cave, where they would be set up to be hung. Then a strange man would come in and ask you a series of questions, if you got one wrong then... well, you can guess right?

You could call the police, get every type of security you could get your hands on, stay with someone else and if they saw something, they would tell you. But none of it worked.

If he wanted you dead, you were dead.

There has only ever been one survivor, she answered every single question right. I don't know how, she just did.

Obviously she told everyone what happened, and told them the questions and answers, so everyone was prepared for next time.

No-one else ever came back alive.

This woman who survived did manage to live, but she carries a horrible curse, the curse is that she know's how to survive the cave, but she can't tell anyone. So the cycle is destined to repeat every 13 months.

I am that woman, I survived.

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