What man

by Andrea
(San Antonio,Texas)

Jess invited two friends Claudia and Trish. They came around 7:00 PM. "You know what we should do?" asked Trish. "I don't know what should we do?" asked Claudia. Trish turned to Jess who was sitting in an armchair with her legs to her chest and her arms wrapped around them. Trish got up and walked over to her. "We should have a...." she let her sentence trail on. She grabbed a pillow from the floor and threw it at Jess. "Pillow fight!!" Claudia yelled.

(CRASH!) "Guys did y'all hear that?" asked Jess. "Yeah, did we break something?" Claudia asked. They looked around for something that could have made the sound they didn't find anything.

"Hey, maybe it came from upstairs." Trish said. "I don't think so, my nanny is up there, I don't think she would break anyhing." Jess said. Trish gasped "Maybe she got hurt, we should go check on her." she said. "I guess it wouldn't hurt to check but we have to be quiet. I don't want to get in trouble, okay?"

They went upstairs and saw that all the lights were off except at the far end of the hallway where her parents' room was. "She's not even supposed to be on there!" Jess said. "Maybe she's stealing stuff." Claudia said. "Lets check." Trish said as she walked closer to the door. She reached for the door knob. Claudia grabbed her wrist and shook her head and whispered,"listen."

They all strained to hear what Claudia seemed to be hearing. Then they heard it whispering and muffled screaming. Jess heeled her breath and leaned down to look threw the key hole. Trish squeaked when she realized what Jess was doing. Claudia hit her and made a shhing sound. Jess looked back at the key hole and leaned closer shutting one eye.

Jess looked in her parents room and saw nanny in the far right talking to what looked like a man but he seemed odd she looked to the left and pulled away from the keyhole gasping and close to crying.

"What did you see?" Claudia silently asked. Jess walked backwards away from the door. She ran down the stairs into the kitchen pulling open a draw. Her friends followed her to see what was going on.

Jess pulled out a large knife her, friends backed away from her. "Jess, what are you doing?" they bothed asked.

"When I looked into the room I saw my nanny talking to some guy, he looked really strange." Jess said. "So what, just cause he looks strange your going to kill him?" asked Claudia. "No, in the other corner of the room there was a girl and a guy. The guy had his throat slit and in his blood was the symbol of the devil and I think that the guy... I think he's the devil." Jess said with tears in her eyes.

"Were not going back up there are we?" Claudia said in a childish voice. "No, we aren't, I am, y'all stay down here and call the police then hide." she said. "Jess you can't go alone." Trish said. "Yes I can, and I am." Jess said sternfully.

Claudia and Trish turned to each other and nodded turning back to Jess, they hugged her and said, "Good luck and be careful" she nodded and walked to stairs.

At the door she stalled and kept breathing in and out until she heard the muffled screaming again. She couldn't deal with it. She couldn't let another person die. She grabbed the door knob and threw open the door. The man turned toward her. His face was gruesome he had no eyes and his mouth was sewn shut. When he looked at her she dropped to the ground and threw up. Her eyes were falling shut. He walked closer and grabbed the knife...

"Jess wake up!" her mother said. "What? Where am I?" she asked. "Your in the hospital you passed out after you saw into the room. Nanny was a murderer and was put away for what she did. The girl found her family to morn with about her boyfriend." her mother explained. "Okay but what about the man?" She asked. Her mother looked at her as if she were insane "What man?" her mother asked.

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