What is it with Windows?

by Lisa

Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein

What is it With Windows? My dog’s name is Tigger. He is half cocker spaniel, half daschund (sausage dog). He is small, orange and has floppy ears. He is cute and when he cocks his head and looks up at you appealingly you’d find it hard to resist him.

Tigger likes nothing better than his comfort. Follow Tigger and you’ll find the most comfortable spot in the house and I must admit he’s spoiled rotten. When at the beach Tigger likes nothing better than to chase seagulls along the beach, but if they go anywhere near the water he won’t follow them, he doesn’t like the waves.

This story happened not long ago, it was a weekend and my brother and I were watching the TV in the sitting room. Tigger came in and sat up on the window-sill whining to get out. Finally deciding that we weren’t going to open the window he took the matter into his own hands, reaching his paw up he pulled down the handle and then using his head pushed open the window. You may say, that’s not true she probably saw it on a TV show and decided to write a story about it, but I swear it’s true. I think Tigger has a thing with windows.

This tale happened in the car on the way to the beach. Tigger was sitting on my lap next to the window. In our car we have windows that go down when you press the button down. Tigger seemed to have figured this out because on the way in the car he pushed the button and stuck his head out. It wasn’t a fluke because he continued to do this and we still can’t stop him. You make up your mind, was it a fluke or do we have a genius of a dog on our hands.

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