What happens at Nanas stays at Nanas.

by Dylan
(Stockton England)

Have you ever heard the phrase what happens at Nanas stays at Nanas but what happend to me didn't!

I awoke on one fine holiday morning. Not quite the start you were hoping for was it? Just as I began to get dressed my Dad informed me that I would be going to my Nanas and Grandads for lunch. So we went off to my Nanas and my Dad had to go somewhere so he dropped me at the door and drove off. The dust from the road made me cough.

So I entered but as I did so instead of being greeted by my grandad I was greeted by a foul, stagnant smell that seemed to be coming from the downstairs toilet. As I approched to see what it was my Nana sort of ran out of the kitchen and informed me it was just the plumbing and the sewage tank had overflowed.

When I got into the living room I found my grandad's chair empty and I asked my Nana where he was. She then told me he was having a check up at the hospital and he would have to stay overnight. I knew my nana and she never left Grandad at the hospital unless she was told to leave. So while she was making our dinner I slowly crept towards the phone and rang my Dad.

As he answered I blurted out all that I knew. I heard a noise down the end of the phone and my dad only made that noise when he was startled or shocked. "Get to somewhere safe and lock your self in. I'm coming for you." Grandad didn't have a check up until next month. The phone was put down at the other end of the line. Then I saw my Nana looking up from the dinner and reaching for the carving knife. I had forgotten to shut the kitchen door! I ran out of the hall and into... the downstarirs toilet only to find something sticky on the floor and it was red.

I locked the door and then something dripped on my hand and I looked to where the smell was coming from and it was the corpse of my grandad hanging from the celing! But he was not the only one there. There was also Dave but he was hanging from a hook with a huge gash in his stomach and a long strand of intestine dangling down like a snake hangs out of a tree in a remote jungle. There was also another hole where it looked like his heart had been removed. That was what we were having for lunch. But not Ox heart oh no.

THEN! An ax blade flew through the door. The next thing I Knew I was in hospital in a room on my own but then a nurse walked in and said I will be watching over you tonight.

So that's my story of having my heart removed and having a transplant.

I can't sleep tonight not after what happened so I am writing in my diary. The nurse is making weird noises and she has spilled her drink, and its burning through my sheet. It's acid! OH, this is horrible, she is coughing up blood she has drank the acid. There is blood all over. It's dripping then squirting out of her mouth. Someone has replaced the drinking water with corrosive acid! There is someone at the door thank goodness! Oh no! It's my Nana!

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