by Haley Bosley
(Baltimore, Maryland)

One dark night, in the woods, there was a girl, Maddie, and a boy, Aaron. They wanted to go some place where they could be alone. Maddie wanted to go some where romantic, and under the stars. Yet Aaron wanted to go to a place that would scare her a little bit, so she would go into his arms.

That night, they were sitting on a log and just talking. Maddie heard a noise coming from one of the bushes behind her. "Aaron, what was that?" she wondered. Aaron replied, "Oh, I think it was just the wind.

"I don't know, it sounded pretty big. I think we should go!" Maddie was getting really scared, and Aaron didn't want to leave. "This may be one of our only chances to be together, romantically and alone.

Maddie was so frightened that she started walking out from the woods. Aaron got disappointed and chased after her. The creature jumped out, when the full moon was behind a cloud. The creature turned human! He screamed at them, "RUN! Away from me! Far as possible!"

Maddie was petrified! She was screaming in terror. Maddie was also very smart. She realized that the creature was not fully human. And figured that he was a werewolf. She read, once, that werewolves only turn back to human form when the full moon is not showing. Yet when the moon is showing, they become fierce, and hungry werewolves.

The man turned into a werewolf right when the moon was out again, and chased after the two kids. They were screaming in fear. Since Maddie was still ahead of Aaron, the werewolf got him first! Maddie knew what happens to a person if they get bitten by a werewolf. That was her fear, that Aaron had been bitten.

Aaron, too, turned into a werewolf and they chased after her. Once they got close enough, the moon again went behind a cloud. Aaron turned back to a human.

"Maddie, help me! Give me on last kiss!" Aaron begged. Maddie's love got to her. She went over to kiss him, yet right at that second, he turned back into a ferocious carnivore. He cut her up into teeny tiny pieces. And that was the end of that!

A man came along and spotted the werewolves eating her flesh. He was a werewolf hunter. He shot them with a stabilizer gun. They quickly fell over, dead.

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