Welcome to the haunted house

by Jose
(Atlantic City)

Could this house really be haunted?

Could this house really be haunted?

There are always rumors going here in center park, but the most heard rumor is the one of the haunted house down on center hill. My name is Zack Matthews and I don't believe in ghosts, till one day my friend Marco Diaz dared me to go in.

This is how it all went down. "You always say you don't believe in ghosts, Zack. Can't you just admit you do for once".

"NO, Marco. I won't. Ghosts don't exist, OK? Just stop saying they do, I don't believe in such crap. OK, then if you don't, I dare you to spend the night down at Rick Masters house, it's said to be haunted. OK then but you have to come with me. Fine we both spend the night".

All day I spent thinking of what we would be getting ourselves into if that house is haunted. I mean I heard about that on the news, papers, school that is evil. At ten o'clock Marco and I got there and he was shaking. Me too, but I didn't want him to see that I was.

"OK Mr. Brave, you go first. OK then". I stepped in and was ready to face evil but it was all still. Marco stepped in and that's when all the evil started.

A man appeared in the stairway. He said "you have entered the wrong place, now you're trapped inside and you can't leave". We ran all the way till Marco fell. "Go Zack, save yourself." "No Marco, no". I saw the ghost rip Marco to pieces of flesh with blood all over the wall. My best friend died right in front of me. Then I saw the ghost write a message. It said "YOUR NEXT ZACK. I'LL TEACH YOU A LESSON FOR NOT BELIEVING IN GHOSTS." I ran to the next room, burst through the window and ran all the way home.

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Jul 06, 2011
by: Anonymous

it was creepy. like there were chills going down my back. but u could improve on your speech/writing. still it was really good

Sep 12, 2008
Well done, needs work.
by: Anonymous

It was okay, but you need to improve your speech/writing and it needs to be longer.

Mar 05, 2008
It is ok
by: Anonymous

It was good but u should improve your speech mark!!

From your webmaster...

Curious comment considering the comment itself is difficult to understand. Please elaborate on what you mean by 'speech'.


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