Weirdest drive ever

by Jack Christifor Sebben
(St. Marys Ontario Canada)

A celebrity wagon for a drive in the country

A celebrity wagon for a drive in the country

One day my mom and I were driving to my granny's house. We were half way there, driving along the countryside, but then I thought I saw a PUTTYCAT! Naaaaaa, just kidding, but I did see a dark mysterious man, wearing a bloody hockey mask and a pocket knife!

I started to hear strange noises...But it didn't stop me from going to grandma's house! Later on, through the drive, we heard a huge bang. The car shook furiously! Then it came to a full stop and started smoking! I was getting totally scared. I cowered in fear. My mom went to see what was wrong with the car. I put on the radio to wash my fears away.

"The murderer." The radio man said. I tuned in a bit more. "Yes there is a murderer out there that hides along the countryside waiting for his next victim!" The radio man warned! I was now afraid to do any thing. My mom called me, she had found a bullet in the engine. There was blood all over the bullet as if it had been used again! I didn't tell mom about the radio man because I knew she would freak out.

We had no choice, we had to walk. We kept on hearing noises but nothing was there. After hours of scary walking, the sun was going down. We started setting up our blankets to sleep on. My mom slept like a baby, while I slept like a really scared kid which I am, but eventually I fell asleep.

I woke up in the middle of the night. I saw a dark suited man with pointy ears like elf's ears and a long nose an yellow gleaming eyes. He was bald and his skin was a whiteish blueish, it was creepy! The guy was sniffing my mom and he was enjoying it and he loved it. I gasped in fear which got his attention! He got out a huge club and smacked me. I got knocked out.

The next morning, I woke up only to be scared to death My mom had cuts all over her body that looked like it was done by a knife! Things got even scarier when we found out someone was stealing her blood! We set off again on the dusty old countryside I was so scared I almost wet myself. I felt so childish for some reason.

Once again I thought I saw the man peering at us. We also heard strange noises but nothing there except once we saw a shadow swoosh by us extremely fast. Now my mom and I were scared! Hours later it was dark but we were to scared to sleep or even put a blanket on we were so cold! This dart came flying and hit my mom! She was in pain the man finally showed himself.

"GGGGGRRRRRRRR SO TASTY SO, SO, SO YUMMY! BWAHAHA" The guy growled! We ran and ran Finally my mom fell. I never saw her again. The guy led me to a hole. In front of the hole was a cross that said. "Rest in peace Jack."

I was slashed by a knife and I fell into the hole I screamed, I then died.

One year later, my and my mom's spirits killed the murderer. When we were all spirits we made wars against each other.

Two and a half years, later the spiritual wars destroyed all of the U.S and Canada.

Two years after that, the continents of North and South America were destroyed!

Four years later all continents except for half of Asia were destroyed!

The war still goes on to this very day.....


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Nov 15, 2009
by: briauna

The story is OK

Nov 11, 2009
by: Anonymous


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