Weird Dream

I was at school with my friends and we were telling stories. My friend,Katie, was telling us about her dream she had the night before. In her storie it was all the people sitting with us, we were at school and an old man was chasing us with a gunand trying to kill us.

He was mostly chasing after me cause i had a brim hat on. He was aming at me and pulled the triger and he shot my hat of. I went to pick it up but my friend kaity said "are you crazy". and i said "no" then shes like "if you want to die then pick it up" then i said "i think i am crazyyyyyyy" then he shot me cause my head was sticken out from the corner.

After he shot me the police came, but they were to late. he already ran away. then thats when she woke up.everyone was laughing at me cause i sad "why do i have to die".

Then she discribed the man that killed me and he looked the same as the teacher on duty!!!! LOL!!!!..........its not that funny but i thought it was??????????????lol

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