Weird but scary and true

by Phoenix

One day an 11 year old girl, was walking home from our school. She lives near a different school. So as she walked past it, a man in a dark beat up green car pulled up beside her, and asked her to get in the car.

She said NO and ran home. The next day the school sent home a newsletter warning people. 2 days later, me and my best friend were sitting on my deck outside. A man, in a dark green car going REALLY slow as he passed, staring right at us, getting closer to the curb when he came near, drove by us. But as soon as I gave him a dirty look he sped away.

Then the next day, my dad was driving home from work, and police cars were scattered across the other side of town. The next morning, in the paper, there was a man hunt. For the attempted kidnapper. He said that he didn't ask her to get in the car. He was a drive way paver, asking for directions. AKA Lying to the police.

About 2 weeks later, a man who happened to own a green car, went all pshyco and went to his ex-wifes house and shot her. Then ran pretty far, then shot himself. Leaving their 14 year old son parentless. But defended his father. Not his mother.

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