Was that an angel

by Aaliyah
(Darby, Philadelphia)

I wish everything was so peaceful.

I wish everything was so peaceful.

When I was 5 yrs old living in Florence South Carolina my family and I had just got out of church and my uncle says "A'aliyah how come you never ride with me anymore" I say because I like riding with mama and papa but I will ride with you today.

So I have to sit in the front seat because my uncle plays the drums and the keyboard so it was no room in the back. I make sure my seat belt is on then we ride off when we get to the corner near where we are going to eat at a man in a mack truck runs the light and I say uncle don't, uncle don't that man is going to hit us then I go into a deep sleep and I remeber a white cloud and somebody saying it's goin to be okay.

Then I wake up and I can't see out of my right eye and my arm is hurting i just lay there until i realise i was home. So now i have to live my life like every 14 yr old going day by day but only thing for me is when everybody can see out of both of their eyes i only have one with a scar on my arm to let people know i went threw alot to get where i am today.

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