by Kailey F.
(Pittsburgh, PA, US)

Aly was ready to go out, finally. Aly was a 17 year-old girl. She loved to hang out with her friends, but she was so clumsy. Aly always found a way to mess something up. When Aly tried not to screw up, she always did. Her hair was chestnut brown, shoulder length with chopped layers and a gorgeous shine. She had tan skin and dazzling green eyes.

Aly was about to leave, then she heard her mother scream to her, “Be careful! And don’t get into trouble!” “I’ll try not to!” Aly screamed back. She noticed that her creepy neighbor was out, but he said nothing. All she heard was the odd and terrifying sound of his rocking chair. She ignored him and half ran to her car. He quietly gazed at her as she switched the car on. She looked at him through her rear view mirror as she turned. He stared with cautious eyes as Aly’s tail lights slowly faded down the cold, silent road.

Aly’s stomach was in knots and chills seemed to be multiplying as she drove on. About fifteen minutes into the drive, she noticed a strange car behind her. She watched the car for a few minutes and realized that is was someone following her. Finally, Aly drove up to a friends house to see if they were home. She pounded as hard as she could on the door. Her fists were throbbing and aching with unbearable pain. Aly had then realized they weren’t home. She swiftly turned and fell with her back against the door. Her eyes were in a straight stare as she watched the man slowly emerge from the mysterious, unknown car.

It was like her spine was tingling and her whole body was shaking. She got chills all over her body, her head was throbbing, and she was pouring sweat. As he started to step on the first few steps, she let out a blood curdling scream that made him cover his ears with his enormous palms. She then kicked off her heels and threw both of the shoes at him. He cried out in pain as Aly ran off into the bushes.

Aly was running so hard and so fast she thought her legs were going to fall off. She then collapsed in the middle of the glistening road. It was cold, hard and wet. Aly was listening to the squishing sound of the wet pavement pounding against his hard soled boots. She then started to cry until her eyes stung from the tears. Aly stumbled to her feet, and started to walk quickly away from the man.

When Aly couldn’t see the him anymore, she hid in the corner of a dark alley. Then, she saw him pass slowly, and cautiously under a street light. Aly slowly emerged from her position and stood in the lonely corner. Her mascara was streaked down her red, burning face. When she blinked, her eyelashes stuck together and she could barely get them apart. Aly dared to take another step from the corner, but when she did, she stepped on a huge piece of glass. At that moment, she felt the pain of the glass piercing her foot and let out a hair raising scream.

Aly realized her terrible mistake and threw her hands over her quivering mouth. She saw the man’s shadow appear from the street light. As the man walked closer, Aly let out another spine chilling scream. She glared at the man as he squatted to the ground to cover his ears once again. Just then, Aly made the worst mistake ever. She started to take a few steps forward.

She was about ready to spring away and run as fast as she could. Aly was startled when she was stopped by a woman. The woman only heard her scream and came to help. “Ma’am? Are you OK?” The woman questioned politely in the sweetest voice Aly ever heard. “No! Please help me! Someone is ----” Aly was cut off in mid-sentence. Aly gasped as she saw something horrible. The woman had just been shot twice!

When the woman collapsed at Aly’s feet, the blood of the two combined wounds flooded the cold pavement. Aly forced back a screech of terror by covering her mouth and tightly closing her lips. Aly looked up swiftly to see the man’s shadow-like figure holding a smoking gun in his enormous hand. She forced out another blood rushing scream. “What do you want!? Why me!?” Aly screeched with horrifying terror. Her face was beet red, the vein in the middle of her forehead looked as if it were going to burst. Her head was throbbing as she was pouring and dripping sweat.
She had chills extending from the back of her sweaty, red neck to her ankles.

For some reason, the strangest power overcame her. Aly felt like someone just screamed at her. She vigorously searched through her pocket to reach her cell phone. Her body was shaking so hard that she could barely pick it up. She finally got it out. Aly was too shaken to dial the numbers, she was trembling so hard that she dropped the phone and the battery popped out when it hit the pavement. Aly collapsed to her knees and reached to put the battery back in. Unfortunately, the battery fell in a puddle. The water short circuited the battery and when she reached for it, she got a shock that extended from the veins in her arm to her entire body. Aly jolted back and her elbows caught her fall. Her whole body was beaten up. Her knees were bloody from collapsing on them. Her foot was bloody from stepping on the glass, and it was skinned because of the rough hard pavement.

Aly’s body was now shaking from unbearable pain. The man was now only two feet away from the young, innocent girl. Aly’s eyes stung from her fountain-like tears. She looked up warily at him as tears flooded down her face. The tearing weeps were working up in her chest. Aly’s heart was pounding so hard it was like her heart and chest were two colliding football players.

Aly then started hyperventilating as the man kept walking closer to her still, lifeless body. Aly gazed silently at him as he stared down at her. His face was black from the shadow of his hood. Aly pounced up and punched the man in the stomach. As he fell, he grabbed Aly’s foot so she couldn’t run. She heard him gasping for air.
She kicked him in the face with her free foot and sprinted away.

Aly was still in the city with blood running down her legs. Her knees stung with agonizing pain as she ran on and on through the dark city streets. Aly’s legs then gave out again and her bloody, skinned knees began oozing and dripping more red and watery blood. Aly once again let a terrorizing scream out of her shaky mouth.

Once Aly stopped, she looked up at the hunched over figure slowly inching toward her. Her stomach felt as if it were doing numerous flips. She thought that her heart was pounding furiously in her throat and her lungs were being blocked off from her throat swelling up with fear. He slowly came closer to Aly with each moment that passed.

“Aly! Aly!” he yelled from one side of the street. “No! How do you know my name!? Leave me alone!” Aly screamed ferociously. The man was now only four feet away. “Because Aly. Can’t you see? I’ve been watching you since day one. I have been watching your every move and listening to your every sound.” he replied with clenched teeth. His voice was deep and husky with a scratchy tone.
Aly could see that his eyes were cold and bloodshot.

“Why have you been watching me? What do you want from me?” wept Aly as she was still shaking on the cold, black, glistening road. She had chills on every inch of her porcelain skin. The man took two steps closer, while holding his pained stomach. He was breathing heavily as his hunched body came closer to her torn up body.
Aly saw the man’s familiar face as he silently reached into his pocket. She recognized the man! It was her neighbor! When he started slowly pulling an object out of his pocket, Aly couldn’t help but think of the woman’s corpse lying lifeless in the dark, cold alley.

She closed her eyes tightly to try and erase the horrifying image from her mind. When she peeled her eyes open, she let out a spine chilling scream into the lonely atmosphere. The man was now holding Aly at gun point. Aly flinched when she realized she was staring into the barrel of a loaded gun. “No!” she screamed. Aly’s hands hovered over her eyes as her back had a strong collision with the hard road.

Just then, Aly heard the piercing sound ring violently through her eardrum. Then she felt an excruciating pain in her left side. Aly screamed as she looked down and saw the bright red blood. She looked up and her vision was suddenly fading. Aly went unconscious after hearing the sound of another shot, although, she felt no pain.

When Aly woke up, it was about six o’clock in the morning. Her vision and consciousness eventually came back to her. Aly sat up on her elbows, slightly turned her head and saw the man in the bed next to her asleep. Aly gasped and started hyperventilating again. Aly fell back with her arms at her side. She stared shaking. It was then when Aly started having a seizure. The nurses rushed in with medicine. When they gave it to her, she the seizure stopped. The nurses both slowly and silently walked out of the room. Aly slowly opened her eyes and heard a voice say, “Hello, Aly.” It was the man.

His head was wrapped up. It was now obvious to Aly that the last gunshot she heard was the man trying to take his own life. He wanted to try to escape the guilt. He opened his eyes and smiled in a crooked way. His eyes were wary and bloodshot, again. He let out an evil chuckle as he glared at Aly. Aly closed her eyes and screamed one last time.

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Jun 28, 2009
by: Karina

but.....wat did he doto her???????? pleeeeeeeeeeze tell me i really lkd ur story and id lve to her mor!

Jun 01, 2009
Love it
by: T.J.

That was awesome! you should be a movie makeup artist

Jun 01, 2009
I IOV it
by: Trejon

too much on the murder side

May 28, 2009
by: Anna

Hi I'm Anna (Author of Room 113)
Your story was amazing! One of the best! Seriously, keeep writing more! :) :) :) :):):)

May 15, 2009
by: soccercrush2

That was the best story ever! It was suspensful and I loved it. One day you should become an author!

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