Waldo the Werewolf

by Luke Brothers
(Tulsa, oklahoma)

As little timmy travels through the dark forest at night with his dog waldo. He finds himself frightened of the pitch black dark and cuddles up with his dog on the ground next to a tree.

Timmy was damped with beads of sweat slowly trickling down his face when he hears a small whimper close to him. He frantically searches the brush of leaves looking for waldo but is no where to be found.

He cries out for waldo in the night but no response of the little dog was made. As little timmy was crying he looked up in the sky and he could see the FULL MOON. When he looked back at the ground he saw a very tall creature staring at him with red eyes and very sharp teeth.

The creature sprinted toward the little boy with feet like thunder. As the creature got closer, timmy just stood perfectly still. The werewolf leaped for the little boy and then little timmy pulled out a mini rocket launcher out of his pocket then shot it at the werewolf.

The wolf exploded in the air and guts were all over the place. As timmy had a little smirk on his face he searched the pile of guts and found waldo in the middle happier then ever. Waldo and Little TImmy walked back home and then happily ever after........

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