by Rachel E.

It had been years since that night but I still refused to sleep with the light off so I saw a shadow by the dim glow of my night light. I got up and went to see who it was. Walking around my home I saw no one but after the last time I was not going bed.

I must have dozed off because I woke up to a long low moan. Looking up, startled, he was standing over me, half his face was covered in a mask. I screamed but no one heard. I began to hit him but he just disappeared and I all I could hear was "I will be back". I went to call 911 but the phone cord had been severed. I hid in my closet but there was a little girl in there... "he never goes back on his word." she stuttered.

I tried to touch her to make her go away but she was still there. I began to cry and my mother burst into the closet. She called the authorities, the cord was no longer cut. The girl was dragged away and kept yelling, "he will be back".

Two days later she was pronounced dead of heart failure.

The next day the phone rang and I heard a low growling voice say, "she knew". Now I am waiting, waiting for him to come, waiting to die.

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