Voodoo Dolls

by Sara
(Rehoboth MA USA)

There was this man who made voodoo dolls and threw them in the ocean in an effort to drown people. My uncle collected those dolls and when he got twelve dolls he got sick, very sick. He was diagnosed with all sorts of cancers. The doctors said he was going to die.

My aunt went through his room and threw out a lot of stuff, including the dolls. As soon as the dolls were out of his room my uncle got better. All of his cancers went away.

Two weeks later my aunt found a thirteenth doll. It looked just like my uncle. She threw it out. Two weeks after that, my uncle found another doll looking just like my aunt. He threw that one out as well. Two weeks later, my aunt and uncle went out to a chinese place. When they got home they were murdered.

When the police found them, they also found all of the voodoo dolls, and a fortune cookie. They opened it, and it said "Don't touch my dolls, and your lucky numbers are thirteen and death."

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