by Etna G.

You may have heard stories about vampires, witches, even ghosts. But you're about to hear a story you'll never forget.

1986, my parents had died. My sister Allie and I were all alone. Till we got sent to my uncle's. We thought he'd be great but we were wrong.

He positivley hated us and we hated him. He was very crule to us. He beat us and barley gave us once a week. We sick of it.

One day while we were cleaning the house while our uncle was out buying more food for himself, we found his diary hinding behind a pillow. He had a page bookmarked so we read it.

It said "Dear diary, I just learned a new spell it's how to make children dissapear! Now i can finally get rid of those brat's of mine. I'm the best warlock ever! I shall call myself Vantos."

"Is he really a warlock," asked my sister Allie. "Ummm..probally not." I grinned like i was lieing. "Tell me the truth," Aliie asked once again. "Look there is such things as warlocks and wizards. And Uncle Vantos might be one," I said to her. "Wow that's a big secret you kept from me," she said.

There was a nother bookmark in the begening. It said "Dear diary i fianally got rid of my brother. I killed him! Now i'm the head warlock. Now I just have to get rid of his two wizard daughters."

We then knew that we were wizards and so was Uncle Vantos. We also knew that we were going to get KILLED! So we were so scared that before he killed us we killed him in his sleep!

We were then on our own. But we survived. One morning we found a note that said "I'm back to haunt you. Your ghost Uncle Vantos."

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