Vampires and Zombies Attack Burger King

by Rafiq Abdush-Shahid
(Scottsdale, Arizona)

It was a dark scary night when Stewey, Lois, Peter, and Brian the dog got into the car.

They were driving down a long dark road when they heard a loud noise. A vampire had landed on the roof of the car. The vampire tried to open the door. Stewey punched the vampire though and he fell out.

Next, a zombie jumped on the windshield and pulled Peter out of the car. But Brian bit the zombie on the leg and pulled Peter back into the car. Peter said, “Thank you, Brian!”

Then they went to Burger King where they saw a bunch of vampires and zombies. The vampires tried to bite Brian, but he fought them off.

While the vampires and zombies were in Burger King, Brian set a time bomb to blow up the restaurant. The time bomb went, “BOOM!” The restaurant blew up with all the zombies inside.

Lois made sure everyone was okay and then they all went home.

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