Up, down, friends forever

by Jimena H.

There were two best friends on a camp. There names, Susan and Ali. They were friends for 7 years. They had bunk-beds. Ali was up top and Susan was down. Ali was quite a clumsy girl always lying down, with her face on the pillow slobbering and snoring at night. Susan was a tidy girl. Very mature and has the back of her head on the pillow.

Although their differences are very...different, they will always be friends forever. Meanwhile, on their first night at camp alone, they set a campfire. They talked and laughed. They got tired and went to bed. Ali on her tummy and Susan on her back. Susan had a dream. A strange one. She saw images of dripping blood, a bed...and Ali. She heard voices, "Up, down, friends forever, friends forever, friends forever.

"She awoke with a shudder. She cooked breakfast, bacon and eggs. "Ali" She called. No response. She went into her camper-van. "Ali". Still no response. She giggled. "Ali, wake up". She said as she made her way to the bunk-bed. Her smile broke. She looked around. She wasn't in the bed. She wasn't in the camper-van. Susan looked in a bush reserve and in the woods.

She was starting to get rapidly worried. She called the cops, the army even. They couldn't find her. The last day of the camping holiday arrived. There was still no sign of Ali. Susan kept having the same dream over and over. She was softly crying on the days of Ali's disappearance.

She packed up the clothes and made her bed. She went on the top of the bunk-bed and made her bed. While she was doing so, she saw blood trickles on the duvet, Susan cried a bit harder. She stopped. Something hit her, on the hand. It was red water.

BLOOD."What the?" Susan looked up."Aggghhh" Susan screamed. The police were still looking for Ali and over-heard Susan's scream. They went running to the camper. They had found Ali, nailed on the roof of the camper-van.

"Up, down, friends forever, friends forever, friends forever.

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