Up and Down

by Nina M. and Catherine P.
(Melbourne, Australia)

There was once a family. The Father commited suicide, drowning himself in the pool, when he lost his job. The mother never told her children, but said he left when they were not born.

One day the mother went out shopping, leaving her oldest, a son, in charge. She said for him to look after his little sister, Mary-Anne.

The son, named Angelo, went upstairs to his room to listen to some loud music, leaving Mary-Anne to do whatever she wanted. Mary-Anne was hot. She felt like going swimming. Her mother never let her, though, for a reason that she did not know. But, her mother was not there, therefore she decided to secretly have a swim in the pool.

She got into her bathing suit and hopped into the pool. Suddenly, the water changed colour from bright blue to dark green. She was scared, so she started to get out of the pool, but as she made her way, she felt an icey cold hand grab her leg and drag her to the bottom of the pool.

When she looked to her left, she saw a ghost. She didn't know it, but it was her dad.

Her dad slowly lifted a long jagged, skinny finger across his throat. Then with one swipe of his arm, she was dead.

When the mother arrived home, she heard a scream and rushed to the pool. What she saw was something no one could ever live through. On one side of the pool she saw her daughter's body and on the other side, her head bobbed up and down.

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