Unknown Predator

by Jose
(Atlantic City, New jersey )

"Just two days before your sweet sixteen, Molly is your father going to throw a big party" said my best friend Jessica.

"No, he says we need the money for more important things like a stereo. I'm like, "you're serious, a stereo we can get that for just six bucks at a garage sale". I was so mad my own father wouldn't throw a big party but at least on that day I wish I was hispanic so I could've had it on my fifteen year old party a year earlier.

We'll get to the party after I introduce myself. My name is Molly Michaels and well, we all know the biggest party ever is your sweet sixteen, but mine was a total nightmare.

Here's what happened "Happy birthday and sweet sixteen, Molly"!! everyone screamed as they entered. They gave me hugs, presents. I had everything I needed even a two foot cake and I also had a animal coming unexpected.

While I was getting ready to cut the cake I heard a growl and it wasn't a normal wolf growl but unknown. I turned back and I let out a howl.

"EVERYBODY RUN FOR YOUR LIFE IT'S SOMEWHAT AN UNKNOWN ANIMAL"! I screamed at the top of my lungs. As he yelled he came out and landed on the cake slashing a person in half. He looked at me, and I looked at him it it didn't look friendly because it had fur, claws, and teeth so sharp like two knives in one.

"W-what are you"? I asked him but he just looking at me. It came closer to me before another attendent came and slashed part of its hand. The monster acted as if it didn't feel it, and then he looked at the person, grabbed him and threw him straight into the table.

The predator went on a rampage eating people that came within two feet of them. I saw my lighter on the side and I grabbed it and I had an idea. To distract the predator I have to come close but not to get eaten I have to stay away so I need a dummy, luckily my brother was a ventriloquist. I put the dummy in the back of him, though to get his attention I had to whistle the thing was over twenty feet tall.

"HEY,LOOK BACK"!!! I yelled. Once he did he saw the dummy and ate it, He didn't know I planned it. I then went in back of him setting him on fire. He ran out of control. He stepped on people and he ran back to the woods setting that on fire.

"OH no people are on fire, that beast just started a fire. Out of nowhere the fire spiraled out of control setting my attendents on fire.

"So you see Jessica, after the summer was over my teacher asked what I did over the summer. I just say I had a party and there was a incident and well almost everybody died. There were over a hundred people at my party, but only my parents and I survived".

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