Uninvited Night Ghoul

by Jose J. E.
(Laredo, TX)

"Knock, knock, Knock."

"Someone's knocking? At this hour?? Robert thought to himself. He took a quick look at his digital clock, ?it's 2:51 AM, the audacity of who it is! I'll just ignore it and go back to sleep. There's no way I'm getting up to answer the door at this hour. Whoever it is can learn some common decency and call before visiting, and at a much more adequate time." Robert?s a lone man whose anger tends to get the best of him.

"Thump! Thump! Thump!" the front door battered louder.

"Ugh! Go away! I?m sleeping!? Robert retorted, but the noise didn?t stop

Robert lashes his quilts out of the way and hastily exits his bedroom, stomping his way through the kitchen; incited by rage, he grabbed a kitchen knife as he passed.

"Clonk! Clonk! Clonk!? The subsequent banging added fuel to Robert?s fiery rage. ?Shut the fuck up, I?m coming!? ?You?re going to get it when I come, oh yes you are,? Robert muttered, grinding his teeth, and gripping the kitchen knife tighter. "Who is it? ...Hello?" He called out.

"Thud...Thud...Thud," the loud pounding abated into low thumps.

Robert peeked through the peep-hole, but wasn?t able to see any figural subject in the vast darkness outside. "Hello?" Robert?s ear pasted to the door trying to listen for any conveyable voices or sounds.

"CLONK! CLONK! CLONK!" the door suddenly pounded with violent hits from the other side, and Robert fell back dropping the kitchen knife, then he saw that the strike plate that?s attached to the door frame had become loose.

"Tell me who you are," Robert demanded as he stepped away as he saw the door close to being knocked down. "I swear I will kill you!" Robert cried out in fear conjuring up empty threats.

Silence then fell upon him. The hammering stopped. He paused for a moment, anticipating another barrage of banging onto his door, but nothing. His heart pumping, his legs shaking, and cold sweat smothering his body, he did not dare to speak out again to this unknown entity that has disrupted his graceful sleep with such strange persistence. Robert doesn?t believe in the supernatural, so he isn?t too inclined to the idea that this might be some sort of demon sent to punish Robert for his wrongdoings.

Robert slowly walked towards the living room window fifth-teen feet away, wanting to get a better view of whom or what?s out there. As he slightly opened the curtain with his shaky right hand, trying not to be seen, his view was obstructed by something pale. A face. A face aged of self-pity and pain. Its scalp sparsely covered with black, thin-stringed hair?its scalp was missing hair in some places like a dog infected with mange. Its skin wrinkled of sorrow, and its frowning eyes solid white with a glare of malevolence eyed-to-eyed with Robert?s. Robert felt this creature?s ill-will flooding into his blood circulation.

"Tink!" That thing head-budded the window, shattering it into countless pieces, and it rained onto the living room tile floor as the bigger pieces broke off into smaller pieces. Robert fell back again, and immediately, he instinctually got up and ran to his room locking the door behind him. Driven by fear, adrenaline, and confusion, he just took a quick glance at the time (2:56 AM) and laid back in his bed with his eyes closed, his heart trying to pump out of his chest, his breath speeding, and his body shaking uncontrollably.

Whatever it was, it was evil. It had human features, but it couldn?t possibly be a human being. It had an aura that misted the place with malice. Lying in bed, feeling helpless and vulnerable, Robert only hoped for the sun to rise. It might go away once the sun has risen. How much longer is he going to lie in bed with his eyes stuck together with glue created from the essence of terror?

Robert manages to muster up some courage opening his eyes. Bad idea. It was painful. There was a feeling of a million knives stabbing into his body. His eyes were about to pop out of their sockets in dreadful shock. The taste of sinister slapping his tongue as his mouth fell open. He couldn't move--his body wouldn't budge. His throat locked and the words stuck. He tried to scream; he tried to get up, but couldn?t even dislodge an arm.

It was there, right there?right on top of his eyes, staring down on him from the ceiling with its evil natured eyes locked into Robert?s, which were depicted with absolute horror. Robert, about to faint from so much blood rushing from the adrenaline, his benumbed body that felt like a dead, useless corpse, abruptly re-invigorated with life. The monster?s physical image blurred away until it was gone. Robert?s eyes searched the room and again looked up, but there was nothing there but the bland ceiling. He had just realized his body was shut off due to sleeping paralysis. All that just happened was a nightmare. However, Robert?s body was still shaking underneath a coat of cold sweat from the seemingly real event that transpired. He then glanced at the time (2:58 AM).

Robert stared blankly at the wall across from his bed until the sun arose. He felt he escaped from that peculiar nightmare unscathed with a second chance which humbled him into a new man.

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