Two Dumb Dogs: Friends Forever

by Catherine Pahljina, Age 11
(Melbourne, Australia)

Milly was a dog who loved attention. She loved the affection that she got from her owners. Everyone loved her, especially as she was small and cute.

Then one day there was a knock on the door. Milly rushed to the door, wagging her tail and barking. The door swung open and there was her owners smiling down at her. They patted her on the head and took some dog food out of the bag. Milly took one look at it and knew something was up. There was twice as much food than usual. The questions in her head were soon answered.

Her owners stepped to one side. Milly was taken aback. There was a big, black dog standing before her. Milly tilted her head inquisitively. The big, black dog trotted over to her and started sniffing her. Milly narrowed her eyes in disgust. Her owners laughed.

?We?ll call her Ketchi, after my cousin!? said Milly?s owner, Chris. ?She always had a sense of humour!?

?Great idea!? said her other owner, Dee. Milly barked angrily. Ketchi barked happily. Milly rolled her eyes. Ketchi rolled over on to her back. It was like a circus. Milly didn?t like circuses. She stormed off with her head held high. She went outside to the garden.

Ketchi watched silently from the window. Milly saw that she was looking at the big, blue pond. Milly loathed the big, blue pond, but she wanted to impress the newcomer. Milly trotted over to the pond and stuck her paw in. Ketchi put her paw on the window. Milly put both paws in the pond and fell right in. She yelped. She couldn?t swim properly. She was drowning. There were screams from Chris and Dee. They had spotted her drowning and were running outside. Ketchi was in front of them, barking. She jumped in the pond, grabbed Milly?s collar and dragged her to shore. Milly fell fast asleep.

She awoke hours later at the vet. Ketchi was sitting next to her and yelped when Milly woke. She looked at Milly with her great, big, brown eyes. Milly looked back for the first time since they had met. Ketchi had saved her life. They were friends.

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