Turner's New Shoes


Very sturdy shoes

Very sturdy shoes

The street was almost complete dark. Only the stoplights were a source from where the darkness was broken. A young man was walking on the street. His hair was fairly combed and his coat seemed to be quite new. The only part of his body that did not seem to fit in the whole impression of him was his shoes. Once shiny and polished black leather, they seemed now more like shoes a farmer would have worn on the field: dirty, almost brown and the sole was loose.

The young man was on his way home. It was Friday. Usually, he was a good person: Always helpful, never mad, patient with other people. But this day was the first time in his life he actually had felt wrath.

One of his working colleagues down at the insurance company had given him a reason for discovering this feeling. His name was Warren Hilrow, a young guy from a fancy college out of state. His parents were the wealthy kind of people, so he never had to worry about money. His dad was a very powerful man and thanks to him he got this job. These facts had made him become an arrogant person; someone who would never give up, because he could rely on his dad to fix everything for him.

Today, Hilrow had somehow betrayed the young man. His supervisor had promised him to take care of a very big case, but Hilrow took it instead. He only did it to make him mad, the young man was sure. He turned into a wide street. After five minutes he stopped in front of an apartment building. He took his keys out and entered. He walked up the second floor. Apartment 669. On a small name tag it said 'Turner'. He opened the door. His girlfriend was sitting at the table. She turned around from her magazine to greet him, but he only waved to her and went to his bedroom.

He dreamed of Hilrow. This one person he hated. He desired revenge. He deserved it. One day, he would get his revenge.
The next day, Turner found a box on the kitchen table. His girlfriend must have left it there for him. Wondering what could be in the box he opened it. It was a pair of shoes in the box; black, polished leather shoes. The shoes seemed to express power. Frank did not know why but he had a good feeling about these shoes. He put them on. He felt the power coming into his body. A feeling like he could challenge every person in the world at once. He ran out of the door. Overwhelmed by his new feelings, he ran the whole way to work.

The whole day his feeling had become better until the time he had met Hilrow. Wrath grew in him, stronger than he had felt it before. Suddenly he felt like he could kill Hilrow for everything bad he had ever done in his life. It seemed fair. Why should he let him go? This was the chance. He was right there. Frank’s anger rose continuously. Somehow he had a feeling his shoes told him to do what was right. Frank stood up. He made a fist with his right hand.

He followed Hilrow into his office. For some reason Hilrow had not noticed him yet. Hilrow sat down and saw Frank. By the expression on Hilrow’s face Frank could tell that he was surprised to see him in rage. He seemed scared. His mouth was wide open, but no words came out. Frank thought about what he had done to him. Every second he thought about it made him even angrier. He slowly walked towards Hilrow. One second later he punched him right into his face. Blood splashed all over the table. Hilrow lay on the floor. His nose was broken. Frank came closer. He breathed heavily. He felt better than ever before in his life. He had his revenge. He wanted to turn around and leave now, but his foot moved back to kick Hilrow right into the face. Frank was scared. Somehow his shoes seemed to move automatically. It hurt. His shoes controlled him. He kicked Hilrow in his face. He didn’t move anymore. He had killed him. He had gone to far.

Frank fell down and crawled back against the wall. What had he done? He wanted revenge but he did not plan to kill him. His supervisor opened the door. His expression was horrible. He ran right out of the room again. Frank tried to take off his shoes, but he couldn’t. They felt as though glued to his feet. He started to cry. Blood was all over on the floor.

Soon, a police officer came. He took Frank with him, to take him to the police station. Frank was crying the whole time. He told everybody that it had been the shoes which had killed Hilrow. Nobody believed him. Frank was sentenced to death because of the murder of Warren Hilrow and the shoes were sold, because nobody believed in what Frank had said about them.

After some days they were sold. A young girl bought them as a gift; for her boyfriend.

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Dec 18, 2008
by: Anonymous

good good good

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