Truth or Dare

by Kayla Clinch

Truth or dare is a game that will never get old, one of the most favoured games for teenagers. It is a game designed for entertainment and embarassment, it's comepletely harmless... isn't it?

A group of teenagers were hanging around in the city, they had nothing better to do. Looking in shops, eating in cafes, the usual things. One of the girls piped up that it would be fyn to play 'Truth or Dare'.

Some groaned and complained that that was a childish games, others agreed vigorously. After much debate among the friends they decided they were going to play truth or dare,with a catch. If anyone refused to answer a question or complete a dare they had to sit in one of the cupboards in the mental asylum just outside of the CBD(Central Buisness District).

The game took place at one of the boys' houses later that day. This particular venue was chosen sinmply because of it's close proximity to the asylum. The game continued in it's usual progress of eating and drinking horrible concoctions, finding out who likes who and two participants were dared to kiss. Only two of the group were set to be punished. A boy who refused to tell who he had had a crush on since grade 4, and a girl who refused to shave her head.

No known incidents had happened at the insane asylum, stories had been floating around about this patient and that. But nothing very specific only that if alone in that place for more than 15 seconds it would rip your mind to shreds.
They climbed through a gap in the fence and found their way up to the second floor rooms. Inside every room was a single bed, a window, a set of draws and cupboard. They found a room that didn't smell of mold and stale bedsheets as much as the others and went in.

The girl offered to enter the cupboard first, the boy touched her shoulder and smiled while the others looked on from the back of the room. She sat on the bottom of the cupboard and closed the doors. She talked to the boy who sat right in front of the closed doors. After about 10 seconds she went quiet. The said her name but she didnt answer, a few of the others moved closer deciding she could come out soon. After the third time of the boy saying her name a terrible scream ripped out of the cupboard. One of the other girls screamed and clun g to her friend closest to her.

The screams continued, sometimes seeming alomost inhuman. The boy tried to open the closet but it wouldn't budge, she banged on the doors screaming the girls name. A few of the others attempted to help him but to no avail. The screaming and thumping on the inside of the cupboard continued until one of the other boys kicked the cupboard and slintered the door, they then proceeded to rip the entire door off. The sight they were confronted with was horrofying.

The girl rolled out of the cupboard, still screaming, she was clawing at her face, tearing off her own skin. Suddenly she stopped and everyone went silent, except for the boy who had spoken to her through the cupboard. He was sitting on the ground, his knees folded to his chest, sobbing quietly. She looked at him and he reached his hand out towards her, she opened her mouth and let a horrible, disembodied squeal of laughter escape her mouth while reaching up to her face and digging her fingers deep inot her own eyeball.

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Dec 06, 2012
by: Anonymous

Mrs. Johnson's first period English class enjoyed reading this story.

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