Troll in the tree

by Jared Paul
(Okinawa Japan)

There was a forest behind my house in a neighbourhood in Missouri. In those woods there was a hollowed out tree with a door on it. And in front of that was a small fort with an engraving of a troll said to come out and harass the neighbourhood.

The last people to live in this house were driven off by this creature and the neighbours put nice things such as drawings and letters in the tree only to find them the next morning either foul smelling like urine or with bite marks in them.

One night my friend and I were up late in my room when we heard a deep growl outside the window along with whimpering from either a dog or from some wolves that sometimes came out at night. When we looked outside we saw what looked like a gorrila with a tribal mask. The first thing we realized was that it looked like the wood carving on the fort in the backyard. We also saw that it had two large fangs that were in the neck of a wolf. It saw us looking and ran off with it's prey back into the woods.

It had snowed that night and when we looked where it was the night before, all we saw was a little blood and footprints that were too large to be human. When we looked at the tree we saw the corpse of a wolf.

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