Trapped in the ''Call Center Of Doom''

by Glenn T.
(Bangor, down norther Ireland)

It was the night before halloween, it was like most october nights, cold and damp. The wind howeled as two employees started a long shift in the call center.

The harsh lights of the call center burned the eyes of the two long time friends. Stef was a twenty something, short firey blond, while Glenn was a tall and really good looking young man.

Their shift started like every other, both complained about their normal day to day humdrum lives and waiting for the phone to ring, either expecting it to be busy. Glenn took a few calls early on, while Stef looked up christmas gift ideas online.

Time stalled as usual, then Stef got a call. Her face went pale ' what was that about Stef' Glenn said, 'Nothing Glenn it was just a prank caller'. Stef was hiding a horrible secret from her friend, the caller told stef something blood tingling...

The shift was drawing to the end, converstaion between the friends stopped after the supposed 'Prank call'. The two both went down on their last break, the air was still outside. Stef had asked Glenn to get her handbag from her car. The car park wasn't well lit, the only working light started to flicker when Glenn got to her car.

He opened her car door and sat on the driver side, the hairs on the back of Glenn's neck rose, all of a sudden the car door closed with a bang, the windows steamed up and the only thing Glenn could see was a deathly figure in the back seat, then after searing pain everything went black.

Halloween - 2010

Police littered the car park of the small call center. Their investigation foccussed on a little red corsa, seats covered in blood and a corpse in the driver's seat unrecognisable due to his horrific passing. Further in the call center was a young twenty something blond explaining to the police what happened on her last shift. Stefs mystery caller had told her to send Glenn out to her car, and if she didn't Stef that her family will die that very night, the number that rang the call center that night was 666...

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