Tongue Troubles

by Yuella

There was once a talented puppeteer who decided that he was fit to perform overseas, but there was one problem; he couldn't speak English.

So the following week, he hired a tutor to teach him the basics of the language and came up with a satisfactory result.

"Whenever you meet someone, greet them with a friendly 'Hello, how are you?'," the tutor had said.

"And whatever they say next, answer with 'me too!'"

So the puppeteer took the advice and travelled to America. As he stepped off the plane, he was met by the president.

Instead of saying 'how are you,' the puppeteer said 'who are you,' to which the other man replied with a gesture toward a grand woman clad in exotic silks and explained, "I am her husband."

Then, without a moment's thought, the puppeteer smiled and added goofily, "Me too!"

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