To Mars

by Nathaniel Trisler
(Omaha, Nebraska)

I woke up and found myself on a space ship. I had no idea how I got there. I saw a tray of breakfast on my counter. It smelled like I was in a beehive because the sandwich was peanut butter and honey. I was so surprised; I figured I must be here for some reason. So I got up and got dressed. I ate my sandwich.

While I was exploring the ship, I found a map that showed me that I was on Mars. I put my space suit on, grabbed a stun ray, and left the ship. I went out to explore Mars. There were a lot of pools of water. While I was exploring, I saw a giant beehive hovering in mid-air. I went into the beehive to see if I might find something nice. Instead, I found some odd creatures. I was very surprised!

The creatures each had 10 legs, 100 feet, 10 heads, 18 eyes, 21 arms and 20 hands. It took two large body segments to fit all of those parts! They only had 20 hands, even though they had 21 arms because one of the arms was a laser gun. They looked like polka-dotted elephants, with stripes on their heads, and they looked mean! At the sight of them, I was terrified! I shot my stun ray at them before I ran because I guessed I wouldn’t be able to outrun them. I headed straight for the other side of the planet.
Halfway to the other side of the planet, I stopped at a pool to drink some water. It was then that I discovered that the water was actually a portal. I decided to explore it. I was very curious about this new place I found myself in. A creature asked me what universe I was from. I fainted in surprise that I had traveled to another universe.

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