Three Best Friends

by Jessica C.

One day there were three best friends walking to school together. One of the best friends noticed a women next to the river washing close. The girl decided to check up on the women while her friends kept walking.

She walks up to the women and says "Hello." but no response from the women. The young girl says it again . "HELLO". But still no response. The girl decided to just walk away. She ran to her best friends to catch up with them. They got to school and they tell the gym teacher's daughter what had happen. The gym teacher's daughter says "Oh yeah I know that story. People say that if you see that women you would die" The girls didn't believe her.

So one day it snowed and one of the best friend decided to just walk while the others went to school in car. When the girls got to school they noticed that the girl that walked to school wasn't there. The girl's parents went out looking for the girl. The parents found the girl near the river where the women was at but dead.

Half of her body was is the water and the half was on a rock. The girl was watched fall over a rock and died. The other two best friends where walking to each other's house and the one girl's house out of power so the other girl saw her friend turning blue so she tried helping her but sadly she died.

The girl left home while it was raining and she felt kind of sick. Her house was out of light so she found a pill that felt like her pill and she drank it. It tasted bad so she took another one. Just at the time she swallowed the medicine a light flickered and she was able to see that she drank her mom's hair medicine. And she died.

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