by Jerome Barona

Therese's birthplace

Therese's birthplace

Therese was a little street girl at Berlin, Germany. Though she was clean and nice, her mother and father walked another place away from her after she was born. She was left in a big plastic bag.

Soon, neighbors started to find out the poor girl inside crying. In a big and happy family named Wilson, she was just the only orphan there. Then here came the big tragedy of her life. Her foster brother Dennis was playing video games but Therese told it's dinner. But Dennis was stubborn so Therese showed off her madness, she yelled and yelled but it doesn’t work. So she left and said "Well if he doesn’t want then he's free playing", then Dennis grabbed Theresa shirt. They were speaking harmful words to each other.

Therese's mother, Marsha was terrified that they're having a long time upstairs. So she ran upstairs to find out. The next day, she packed her things and got away. She moved to another place that is more enhanced than the other one, but she lived in an orphanage. She waited until she grew up. Her ambitions is to be an amateur model in fashion shows.

Then she really reached it, then she was more interested in plays. So she moved there until she had many money and became famous. Until, her life had gone wrong. She spent her money for gambling and expensive cigarettes. She told lies to interviewers because she said she has a happy life then live with her husband, she didn't even had a husband. Soon, paparazzi captured Therese and made a proof to the polices.

She was sent in jail for 3 years. She shared a little food to others, she wrote a bit hurting for the orphanage. After her trial, she was sent free to the jailhouse. Then she mingled a campaign to help poor children like her at her early age. She stopped her career at that time. Then, she helped a hungry kid so the kid snootily grab it without thanks. Therese was hurt and hardly worked for it.

In the middle of her career, she died of an accident. She was leaving in the pandemonium of transportation in the highway then a newly drove SUV had hit her. Then she said her last words "Oh my goodness!", she was wearing leather-boots. Her friend, Trina kept it for the rest of her life as a remembrance. Years later, her mansion became a place for tourists. The rest is a pretty good history to tell.

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