The wrong flower

by Hollie F. Age 9

Far away from the west far woods where the trees stood tall and the plants grew low there was a field, not very big, not very small, and in that field 1000 daffodils stood proud.

One day old farmer sprout came out of his rugged old cottage to check on his daffodils. “Yes everything seems to be in order. Except this, well what`s this fellow doing here!” farmer sprout realised that there was a little tulip growing right in the middle of his field.

Farmer Sprout thought for days what to do with the tulip he even asked his wife Mrs Sprout, but she didn’t have a clue because she was too busy knitting a tea cosy for her teapot. Farmer sprout asked almost everyone he knew but they were all awfully rude saying things like. “It`s not my problem, figure it out yourself.”

Farmer sprout couldn’t understand why people were so rude to him when he asked them a little question but his wife told him that they would be grouchy because a lot of people get hay fever at this time of year. Suddenly farmer Sprout remembered that it was spring and that people would get hay fever a lot but then he also remembered that spring was the time when flowers grew all over the place.

Flowers are living things he thought and he didn’t want to drive the tulip out of its comfort zone even if it was comfortable or not. He didn’t even have a tulip field in fact he didn’t have any other flowers apart from daffodils but then an idea sprung to mind. It was his sister Anne.

He knew that she grew flowers in her garden but did she grow tulips. So as quick as a flash farmer Sprout leaped into his tractor, started it up and went 30 miles per hour as it said to do on the sign. Even though tractors are very slow this one was specially made for travelling.

Finally he reached his sister`s house. He got out of his tractor and slowly walked to the front door, and before he had a chance to knock on the door Anne was already greeting him very happily. “Welcome.” She said excitingly. “Do you want something to drink because I just put the kettle on? Tea, coffee or cake?”.

Actually I came to see if you have grown any tulips in your beautiful garden.” “Oh.” Well, actually I`m sorry to say but, no I don’t. It`s because I`m allergic to tulips. Why do you want them anyway.” “I don’t want them I just wanted to move this random tulip that has just appeared in my daffodil field.” He moaned.

“Well if you want to move a flower you will need somewhere to put it, yes.” What about great windmill farm that’s got all different types of flowers.” She suggested. “It is far too crowded there.” He moaned again “well yes I suppose so, I know what about Wood field gardening centre.” “But that’s a flower shop.” He said. ”yes but you can ask them to make room for a little tulip, well it’s either that or kill it.” In shock he said “kill it, never; I wouldn’t do that to poor little flowers they are like my family. Without flowers I wouldn’t live a happy life.” “Well take it to Wood field then.” She said quickly. So they walked out the front door and got into his tractor “Are you ready.” “certainly.” So he drove off.

“So here`s the plan, first we go to my house to pick up the tulip, second we go to Wood field, mission accomplished.” So they drove and drove until they finally reached his house “Hello Anne dear.” His wife said in a snobbish voice. “Hello.” She replied. “Anne, this is my daffodil field and here is the odd tulip.” “Don’t you mean some of your odd tulips?” What makes you say that?” “Well there is at least three here.” “Huh.” “Oh no even more have grown, how is that possible, I was at your house for under five minutes. “I guess there is no point in going to Wood field now.” I’ll have to kill the tulips.”

Just then tears appeared on his cheeks. “Don’t cry.” Anne said gently. “I`m sure an idea will spring to mind soon.” “Yes, your right.” He said. “I KNOW, I KNOW!!!! I`ll make a tulip field then I never have to say goodbye.” “That’s a wonderful idea.” Anne said in a happy tone. So he then got to work. He first dug trenches for the bulbs. He dug and he dug and he dug. He also shaped the edges. He shaped and shaped and he shaped, until he had finally made a square shape on the soil. Next he ran to his tractor and he drove it to the mud. Then he slowly started making his way across the new field adding all the little bulbs. All he needed to do now was cover them over with the soil. So he got to it.

Suddenly a big crashing sound started coming from the tractor. CRASH BOOM CRASH. “Oh no, the tractor`s running out of red diesel!” “The petrol station will be open though.” “Let`s go Anne.” What are we going to ride in though?” She said.

“We can go in my wife’s car.” He replied “oh yes.” So they jumped into the little silver Audi and rode to the petrol station and when they got there farmer Sprout climbed out of the car and pulled out the red diesel pump and poured it into the petrol container they brought with them.

Just then the night started to pull the sun away. So farmer Sprout opened the car door and as soon as he jumped in they were gone and back at his house. “Right we`ve got to cover the bulbs. By sundown the old farmer had completed is task and said his goodbyes to Anne. “Thank you so much for helping Anne, I couldn’t have done it without you.”

“That’s okay, remember Sprout visit when you must.” “Goodbye sister.” “Goodbye.”

After that, Anne rode away. Farmer Sprout moved inside his little rugged cottage and sat down next to his wife. He said nothing nor did his wife but he went to bed and checked on the flowers in the morning, and went to bed and checked on the flowers in the morning and so on. Until one day he went to check on them but he got a big surprise, the tulips had grown. Suddenly he heard the shoes of his wife. “I`m proud of you dear” She said. “Thank you.” And within that minute Sprout hugged is wife.

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