The worst year of Cammie's life

by Kelsey

Cammie was starting her junior year of college and she felt that this would be the best year of her life. She was roommates with her best friend, Suzanna, and they had a dorm in Butler Hall, the best dorm on campus.

One night, Cammie stayed up late at the library studying for her midterm, and didn't get back to the dorm until about 1 a.m. Suzanna was already asleep, and all Cammie could see was her blond hair peeking out from under her blanket. Exhausted, Cammie jumped into bed and dozed off. Right before she fell asleep, she heard someone humming the tune of "One, two, Freddy's coming for you. Three, four, better lock your doors..." Cammie groaned and called across the room, "Suzanna, please stop humming, will you?"

Suzanna didn't answer, but the humming stopped. Soon enough, the humming started again, but Cammie ignored it and fell asleep.

She woke up early, way too early to take a shower. It was Suzanna humming again! Cammie shouted, "Suzanna! Shut up!" No reply, but the humming stopped. Frustrated, Cammie got out of bed and threw back Suzanna's blankets. There lay Suzanna, her throat slit and her lifeless, glassy eyes open in horror. Cammie gasped.

Behind her, she heard soft humming.

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