The White House

by Michaela
(South Carolina)

There was once an old house in the back of the woods. A mental woman lived there but one day a man came to take her to a mental institution. She escaped and killed 14 people 6 of them only children and then returned to her house and hung herself.

A little girl who was 12 years old went wondering in that same woods 27 years later. She found the White House. The white paint curling off its sides, the door barely hanging on by its hinges. She stepped inside, the floorboards creaking under her weight. Layers of dust covered everything. She walked down a thin hallway until she came to a bedroom. She went inside the room, a chill crept down spine, she turned her head to the right and saw a skeleton hanging from the ceiling. She had to touch it was like a strange force was pulling her in. Mere inches away, then a cold hand grabbed her neck saying

"My 15th victim, only a child what a shame," the raspy indescribable voice teased. Saying that she felt her body being lifted in the air and her neck begin to hang by an old death smelling rope.
She looked around once more to see herself get off the ground turn and smile at her.

"A new life begins," she saw her body say those words but she didn?t say them. She looked at a mirror out of the corner off her eye and saw a dead face she saw right back, the face of the skeleton.

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