The weird camp

by Mayss
(Abu Dhabi)

"Denise" called her mother. Come here and help us unpack the car. Denise and her family decided to go on a camping trip. They were all having fun except Denise. She'd rather be back at home shopping at the mall with her friends, going to the movies with her boyfriend anything other than being on this camping trip in the middle of nowhere.

"Denise help Caleb look for wood so we can start a fire". Caleb was her little brother. As they were looking in the forest for fire wood Caleb thought it would be funny to scare Denise. He hid behind a bush and he could hear her calling him... "Caleb, Caleb come here, I need help carrying this wood". "Rawrr!" yelled Caleb. "Ahhhhh!" screamed Denise and she dropped the wood. "That wasn't funny" yelled Denise.

Caleb fell on the ground and started laughing hard. "I'm going to get you good" Denise whispered. They returned to their tents. "Ok,I think we're going to hit the sack." said their parents. Denise thought it would be the perfect time to get Caleb. He went to use the bathroom in the forest and he was scared. It was dark and it was deadly silent. She hid behind their tent.

She waited for about 15 minutes, then she heard her brother yell "help". Denise thought Caleb was trying to scare her again, so she waited there. Then she heard footsteps. rawr.....(gulp). Denise paused in fear. Standing in front of her was a huge man wearing all black with a bloody knife in one hand and in the other was... Caleb! Denise screamed "help". Her parents ignored her and said they were just playing games on each other and fell back to sleep.

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