The voice

by Charlotte

One night a lady (and her two dogs) checked into a hotel. the man behind the counter told the lady to "beware!". The lady didn't understand but she went to her room and had some dinner.

As she was about to go to bed she was swiching of the light in the kitchin, she heard a voice saying "DONT TURN OUT THE LIGHT!" But she turned out the light anyway and went to bed... 3 hours later she woke up by the howling in the dining room.

The lady switched on the light and she saw one of her dog covered in blood with a knife through it. She screamed and she ran out of her room and ran to the frount desk, the man was white and iwthe lady ran back to her room, locked all the doors an turned on all the lights and went to sleep

the next morning the man at the frount desk vanished, the ladys other dog disapperd and as for the lady no one knows.

But you never know maby you might come across the strange voice at night!

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