The Voice

by Noah
(Myrtle beach SC)

Robin was a normal twelve year old who lived an ordinary life. Except when she tried to sleep. Around ten o'clock every night a voice would ask: "Robin, oh Robin help me Robin," it would start as a whisper but evolve into a full blown scream.

Robin tried to tell her parents about the voice but they had never heard the voice. She had a best friend named Kelly. One Friday Kelly went to Robins house to spend the night. Eventually they heard the voice but this time it called BOTH of their names. So Robin was the braver one and found the courage in numbers to find the thing while Kelly was unsure. They traced the voice to the basement.

Robin grabbed a shovel and started digging thinking they were going to be rich off of a mummy. While Kelly was ready by the door in case something went wrong. Robin kept digging until she hit a long wooden box. She slowly opened up the coffin from the actual floor of the basement.

A long arm with no skin only muscle and bone grabbed Robin. I must stop the story here for this, One of the reasons things cry out for help is if they are lost or hungry. In this case it was hunger. When Robins parents woke up the next morning all they found was a puddle of blood near a hole. And in that hole was a empty box. That night around ten they heard a voice ask " Will YOU help me?"

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