The ventriloquist and her dummy

by Cel
(Sudbury, Ontario, Canada)

One night, a family of three went to the theater to go watch a ventriloquist act. The ventriloquist was named Vanessa and the dummy, Peter. Peter was saying some things about people killing other people. People thought he was just joking around.

Adam always wanted a dummy, so that's why the family went, they went for Adam. The show was magnificent! At last, the show was done. Adam, Andrew and Christine went back home. When they arrived at home, there was a package at the door with Andrew and Christine's names on it. They brought the package in.

Adam was happy when he opened the box. " Just what I wanted! A dummy!" Adam said. Christine was wondering who would have sent this to them. Andrew found a note in the box saying 'My Owner died, Please take me.' Andrew found that a little bit weird because it was Peter, Vanessa's Dummy.

It is nine o'clock and it's past Adam's bed time. Adam asked his mother if he could sleep with his new dummy. Christine said no because it looked pretty scary, but Adam didn't listen. When all was quiet, everybody sleeping, Adam started screaming! All of a sudden, it stopped. Christine and Andrew rushed to Adam's room to see what happned. They found him under his sheets dead with no tongue.
The next morning, Christine gave the dummy away.

A couple bought the dummy that Christine was giving away. When they received the dummy, the couple decided to celebrate with take-out. The boyfriend went out to get the take-out while the girl stayed home getting things ready. When she was done setting up, she played with the dummy.

She placed the dummy on her bed. She turned around to get something, and as she turned back to look at the dummy... he was no longer there. The dummy was alive! The girl was really scared. The dummy was chasing her with a knife!

When her boyfriend got back, he saw her dead on the floor beside her bed and the dummy on the bed with the knife he killed her with. The boyfriend rushed out, but... he didn't make it out.

If a Ventriloquist dies... you'll know why.

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Apr 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

duh you copied this story from
dead silence and your part of the
story wasn't even good wow get better
at this

Mar 15, 2009
by: Anonymous

it sounds like you copied it off of the movie "dead silence". idk

Feb 01, 2009
by: Anonymous

Good story.

Sounds like chucky the evil doll somewhat. Is that his picture on the top?

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