The Vampire In the Attic

by Chloe Hughes

One dark night Amy and Amanda were having a sleepover. They were watching movies downstairs when the tv went off. They screamed and hurried off upstairs to bed, but they could hear strange noises coming from the attic. Suddenly the attic door opened, and out came a vampire. The girls screamed in terror. The vampire disappeared through the window right before Amy's mum hurried into the room and asked why they were screaming, Amy said

'There was a vampire in the attic!.'

'Dont be silly' said Amy's mum laughing. And Amy's mum turned the lights off and left the room. Straight after she had left the room the vampire came back through the window. Following him were many more vampires. The girls were terrified, and screamed even louder than last time, Amy's mum entered the room once again and asked... 'What is it now girls?'

'The vampire came back through the window with many more vampires and they have gone into the attic, please go and get rid of them!' said Amanda.

Amy's mum told them that there are no such things as vampires, but the girls knew otherwise so they did not believe her. Amy's mum told them to get some sleep because it was getting late, and she left the room.

They decided that she was right so Amy and Amanda went to sleep. In the morning Amy's mother came to wake them up and she began to now believe that Amy and Amanda were right about the vampires. On that day they put a lock on the attic door and made sure that the windows were closed every night, the same day the girls talked about how weird that sleepover was.

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