The Unwelcomed Visiter

by Mer Ree H
(Shelley, ID)

One stormy night a man staggerd along side the road, he wanted some place to rest until morning his car broke down a couple of miles.

Several minutes past until he noticed a gigantic old abanded house on the corner, "that could be a place to rest" The man said.

Walking up the twisted steps leading up to the massive doors he opened the doors, when he came in there were dust everywhere and cobwebs hanging from the celling.

"Does enyone live here" he yelled, no answer. He eyed the room looking for a place to rest, he spotted a large couch" that's strange he thought, there's a large dent n the couch.

There was loud moan from upstairs,"is anyone here?" he shouted still there was no answer.

Later that night the man stared at the celling wondering what he sould do, ohhhh... whos that?! Then just as suddenly a white mist hoverd down the stairs whispering" GET OUT"!

The man stared in horror as the mist transformed into a human-like shadow,the man was frozen in fearbut could,nt run, Wh..o are you" demanded the man"? The shadow did'nt say anyhing, a couple of seconds passed when the shadow spoke" you are not welcome in this house you will leave imminently unless you want to stay here for ever" He could not move, he could not take his eyes of him

Finally he disappeard into thin air, his heart was pounding he ran to the door but the door didn't move, he tried the windows, tried breaking them but it was no use he was trapped.

Hours went by and the man tried everything, he wanted to know why the shadowy things not letting him go.

Then he waited until the thing came back, but it did't for hours then he reappeard to him, "YOU CANNOT LEAVE
The man tried to scream but the shadow wouldn't let him.

It's been a hundred years since that, his friends never knew what happened to him that night, they figured he had just ran away from it all.

You can still hear his faint screams from inside his prison awaiting his master who has control over him for hundreds of years.

So be carefull not to go into an abandoned house for you may never come out.

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